Monday, 22 August 2011

Song of the Day

Okay so the song stuck in my head today is "Life After You" sung by the lovely Daughtry.

Can I just say that I absolutely adore this song, especially "all that I'm after is a life full of laughter, as long as I'm laughing with you."

I heard it on a Clois (Clark and Lois from Smallville, in case you weren't aware. ) video that was made by Liisakee and feel completely in love with the song and the video. I swear most of my favourite songs come from this girls videos! So anyway here is said vid:

Just so in love with it.


PS: I hate signing off with "hugs too"

Sunday, 21 August 2011


Hello People of Earth I'm blogging just fresh off the twitterverse. Yes I have taken the big step and lost my twitter-virginity, I thought since I know had a blog I should also have a twitter so I can tweet all of my awesome thoughts. And my mundane boring ones.

Mostly my mundane boring ones.

But anyway I thought I should blog about my twitter experience, it wasn't much of an experience really, I just couldn't upload my profile picture but I got  one eventually, not the one I wanted because it was too big but the one I have is pretty too. I also found my friend online so check him out, he's cool, I'll link us both below!

We have seriously interesting thoughts :)


Lots of love

PS: Seriously need a good way to sign off my posts
Okay so I have started my blog. Go me! So I suppose a slight introduction is necessary, um, I started this  blog because my career guidance counsellor told me that I should because according to all of my aptitude tests I should be a writer. Yee gods. So anyway like three weeks later I decide to start following his advice and here we are :)

To be honest I'm not really sure what I'm going to blog about but sure I'm Irish and we'll try anything once ;) So I suppose my blog wont have a specific tone or voice to it but hey hopefully it will be interesting and maybe one or two people will read it.

So anyway after that my first post is actually a question: Am I the only person who is afraid to disagree with hairdressers?

A little back story, I colour my hair quite frequently, um naturally I'm a light ashy type brown and I've been black, red, and dark brown and I was dark brown for ages now and I get very bored with my hair, I like changing it, so I booked my appointment at Wayne Lloyd's, they are fab by the way, Wayne himself does the best cuts, and I went in.

Wayne wasn't there unfortunately he was at a competition in Australia, I think, I'm not sure, and so there was another girl in charge of the salon and I told her and my colourist what I wanted, with was a light brown/dark blonde and blonde highlights and the girl in charge told me that they would have to strip the colour out of my hair and I was like grand, hand me a magazine I'll be fine, and then her and my colourist had their own little conversation about my hair over my head and she went off and came back with the colour they were dying my hair and it was NOT what I asked for.

It was a dark brown with red undertones.

Remember I asked for dark blonde/light brown?

So anyway here is the part of the story where I should have said no, that's not what I asked for but...I didn't. So anyways my hair was coloured and then I went over to the covering manager (who decided my colour) to get my cut and once again she didn't really do what I wanted. I wanted to get my side fringe cut back in but I guess she forgot and I didn't say anything mostly because I  had come with my friend who had just cut her hair and left the salon about three hours before I was done so I  just ran out of there.

Now I should say my hair is fine, it's not exactly what I asked for but its nice and as my friend said to me, I should just consider part of  the process on my road to becoming Holly Madison. (For the record I never want to be that blonde)

So anyway I was just wondering am I  the only person who hates disagreeing with hairdressers? Or am I just a chicken? I hate being put in that situation! It freaks me out having to say "no", I don't why because its my hair I should get what I want but you know I feel really awkward having to talk to my hairdressers.

I'm just a very anti social person :)

But anyway please someone tell me that I'm not alone in this. Please God!

Oh by the way just so people know Wayne Lloyd's is a completely savage salon but you know I just wont be going there again when Wayne is out of town :)

Here's the link to there website if your interested:

Wayne and  Aaron are great for cuts and Kira is great for colour.


God signing off with xoxo is way too Gossip Girl, must try and rememdy that.