Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Awkward Moment When You Forget You Have A Blog

There is nothing quite as awkward as forgetting something exists, like for instance; the blog you swore your undying dedication to, or a Lush face mask that you left to die sad alone in the bottom drawer of your fridge.

Not that I've ever done that. God.

Anyway... back to the blog which I will be dedicated to from now on. Hopefully. That's my plan anyway and really I cant do much more then that! I mean really I'm not magic, I'm not Harry Potter.

Oh! Speaking of....(Takes deep breath) I AM FINALLY IN POTTERMORE!

WolfsbaneFlame156 rocking the Gryffindor common room. Haha. And the best part of this entire thing is that my friend is still being denied. It makes me feel all gooey inside. Is that mean? Ah well.

Actually most of what I've been doing  this week has been Harry Potter related.

My friend was saying that she wants to be in Hufflepuff so basically we're just being mean to her now,  we're playing a  game now called "Poke the Hufflepuff". The rules are simple, we poke her at random intervals during the day.

Its fun.

We have a song too, Everyday We're Huffeling!


Thursday, 1 September 2011

My Last Day as a Seventeen Year Old

Hello people of earth :)

So it is ten o clock as I am writing this and I am two hours away from becoming a legal adult. Exciting! Well, actually, if I'm being honest its not all that exciting because really whats going to change?

In the end I've been able to drive with a year, and I'll be honest I've already tasted alcohol so in the end the only real change to my life is that I'll be able to vote. In four years time. So I'm sitting here now imagining what my life will be like in two hours, when I hit the big 1-8 and become a legal adult.

I'm not imagining much of a difference.

I still see myself going to school, messing my bedroom and not wanting to tidy it, complaining about going to work on Saturdays and sleeping in past noon on Sundays, panicking about tests and all my friend/frenemy drama and still not being able to drink or talk about drinking in front of my parents, more specifically my mother, under pain of death.

Seriously, my mom is throwing me a little party in our house and no alcohol is permitted, I'm like the last of my friends to turn eighteen but its like nah! Bit ridiculous, don't you think?

But anyway I suppose the reason for this post is me contemplating my last legal day of childhood, in a few hours I am legally recognized as an adult, I don't imagine my mother will accept that though, I still hear her shouting at me to clean my room, do my homework and study for my tests and ringing me every time I go out to find out where I am. Sigh, life wont change much, will it?

Legally I'm to be an adult, unfortunately as the only child who also happens to be female I can't see my position as the baby of the family changing anytime soon. There are downsides to all things in life.

Any who,  c'est la vie! And life could be worse, I could be married to Tom Cruise.

So wish me a Happy Birthday and since so many people in my class share this birthday too, happy birthday to them and anyone else around the world who was born on this lovely day.

Toodle Noodles